The arrival of the television in Spain brought with it greater solcialization. The Teleclubs were born this way, in social salons and bars. At first they were mere places where people gathered to watch the only television in town.

At the same time that the television became popular in homes, the teleclubs were adding functionalities and services.

In the year 1960 there were around 6000 teleclubs associated with the Spanish network.

Computer courses, study room or local for popular parties are some of the uses that are currently being given to these centers.

In Lanzarote many still have this multifunctional character but the use that stands out is the restoration.

When our guests ask us for typical Canarian food, we can not avoid directing them to the teleclubs.

Generally managed by a local family, they cater to both locals and tourists with the same enthusiasm. They represent the best of the Canarian gastronomy with local products, in good quantities and at a deserved price.

Do not hesitate to ask at reception what are the best teleclubs or which get you on the way during your visit to the Island of the Volcanoes.