There is no day without night as well as party without timple.

In the Canaries a popular festival is not conceived without the characteristic sound of this little guitar born in the fortunate islands.

With a silhouette similar to the classic guitar, it has a less rope and smaller size. A special feature that sets them apart is their bulging backside, which is why many people call him “camellito sonoro” or simply “camellito”.

Its joyful sound envelops young and old in a festive aura as soon as the first chords begin to sound.

The origin of the timple is uncertain although its cradle is predicted between the eastern islands of the archipelago.

Formerly certain timples had only 4 strings and due to the lack of communication between islands as there is acutalemente each island develops its own style. For that reason, the origin of each timplista could be known with just the way he played.

Lanzarote has a House-museum dedicated to the timple. Located in the village of Teguise, one can arrive by car in just 30 minutes from Apartamentos Tisalaya.