The cultivation of salt has always been fundamental in the island of Lanzarote as a food preservative. Firstly, it emerged as an economic complement to other activities such as agriculture and fishing. Little by little, a gap was made in the economy of the island until it became a benchmark thanks to its export.

It is estimated that up to 26 salinas coexisted in all of Lanzarote being the saltmakers here the builders of the rest of the Canary Islands.

The Salinas del Río in Famara are cataloged as the oldest. Dating from the 15th century and abandoned for a long time, they are currently in a process of reopening.

To date, the only remaining salt works are Las Salinas del Janubio, located next to the small town of El Golfo. They currently offer salt for a gourmet gastronomy from all over the world thanks to the purity of these crystals.

Others in a state of abandonment can be visited equally and see how they continue to generate salt naturally even if no one is already working.

If you are interested in visiting this fragment of the history of the Canary Islands, do not hesitate to ask us at reception.